Sleep training day 44

I am going to type this up early since not sure how my night is going end up. Last night, well, it was pretty much every hour except one 1hr 50mins and 1hr 22mins. I am not sure what’s the problem. Figuring the problem is the hard part. The dummy I bought for her to use is also hard to train as well. We weren’t planning on using dummy but I gave in, I wanted her to sleep longer and hopefully by herself as well. Sadly I might have introduced it too late (after 5months) where she only treated it as a toy or teether. Anyway, after the disrupted night my daughter got up at 7.10am. It seems to be her thing now to wake up around 7am. I can live with that as I can bring her downstirs after a feed and nappy change for the in-laws to look after while I snooze for another hour before making her breakfast.

Today, she had two naps. The first one was less than an hour but I blamed for the dog it. The dog barked and a minute or so she cried. I guess she couldn’t resettled herself. With second nap, I was at my parent’s. For some reason she doesn’t seem to want to sleep at my parents anymore. I couldn’t walk her to sleep and she was all excited. It was 3.5hrs from her last nap so I had to get her to sleep. I fed her and she fell asleep this way. It is a cheat way to do but she got to sleep! She napped for 1hr 22mins which isn’t bad.

Tonight I have to stretch her up time again so can get her to sleep around 8pm. We bathed her and tonight I tried giving her wind drop as well since she let out a fart before I fed her. Let’s see if it will do its magic for tonight. Or she is simply too tired and be sleeping for a few hours. Who knows. I got her in her sleeping bag tonight due to weather change. She still managed to get to her side. Let’s hope she doesn’t rolled to her tummy and wake up. Please please please, give me a good night sleep.


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