Sleep training day 44

I don’t know whether to say last night was considered better or not. My daughter gave me one 1.5hrs and one 2hrs, the rest was less than an hour (can be 20mins). At least it is not hourly right? Sigh. I just don’t know what happened with her sleep. It has gone off the chart horrible. Maybe I am not putting her to sleep early enough so she got overtired. Tomorrow I will try to start walking at 2.5hrs wake time.

Today, with all the poor sleep with the last few days (or weeks???) she caught up on her sleep with both of her naps. The first nap she slept over 2hrs. Darn, I should have went to bed as well. With her second nap, she was only up for 2hrs 15mins but she seem tired already and my breast was full so decided to give her a feed as well. That got her to sleepy as I failed to put her to cot right after the feed, I needed to stand up to walk a few steps to get her back to sleep. She slept for 1.5hrs. She could have slept for longer. I got her out of her cot and popped her next to me. She was biting and playing with the dummy when all of sudden she started to fall back asleep. Note here that my daughter doesn’t suck on the dummy, she only uses it as a toy and a teether. Anyway, I thought I will grab my phone to start recording her nap and that movement woke her. Bummer.

Tonight, I needed to stretch her up time so can keep her up till after we have dinner and put her to bed at 8pm. Maybe this stretch of up time is over tiring her. But how to get it to work if I let her take a 3rd nap and still be able to sleep at 8pm? 8pm I found to be the magic hour so far that after she woke up she would still want to go back to sleep and not play. Although considering her up time to be 7am, maybe her bed time should be 7pm? I am not sure. I just know so far my daughter has woken up 5 times already. The first time wasn’t her fault as the dog barked in our room and woke her. I get annoyed when that happened. My daughter woke up 10mins after I got her back to sleep but luckily I was able to get her back to sleep quickly with a short walk, after that it has been hourly and the last one was 1hr 20mins. It took me 40mins to get her back to sleep after this last wake up. I walked first, got her to drowsy so thought to start patting in bed. Nope, she didn’t like that and start rolling to her tummy. I then tried feeding, she woke up crying once I unlatched her. I have already done a lot of no no already so I can’t let her latched on to sleep. I then try walking again. At the start she was complaining until I walked over to the projector night light to distract her from crying. Sometimes light is my friend to get her back to sleep. I got her to sleep this time so I thought. When I climbed into her cot I saw her eyes were opened. I gave her a few more pats on her back and put her down to see since she wasn’t complaining. Her eyes were still opened but not complaining. Maybe she slept with her eyes opened?! I stopped the patting and singing hoping she won’t be demanding for this during her light sleep. She eventually closed her eyes and I went to get my shower. She is sleeping on her side now which is a worry for me as don’t know how long she can sleep on her side for. Oh well I better get some more sleep. A long night ahead.


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