Sleep training day 46

Last night….. Better. My daughter did three lots of 2hrs stretches and the rest 1hr, totaling around 9.5hrs of sleep. Two times of the 2hrs stretch she was sleeping next to me since I wanted to test if it makes her sleeps better. Not up every hour is an improvement to me already. Her sleep was worse than new born.

Today with her first nap, I tried to walk her early where she resisted and fussed. I handed her to my husband and still not worked. I let her play a bit more but 10mins later she was fussing being tired and got to the point where she was overtired. She cried and couldn’t sleep. I ended up feeding her and that got her 36mins of nap. With her second nap, although she fussed again but luckily I was able to walk her to sleep. She woke up 30mins after but I walked her back to sleep but 10mins later she rolled and woke up again. Considering she didn’t nap much I tried walking her back to sleep and I was able to. At the time I considered to have her in bed with me since I wanted to nap as well but decided against it. I already did a no no this morning so better not confused her more with letting her sleep in my bed. She ended up having another 1.5hrs of sleep. It is pretty good because I don’t have to stretch her up time too much before starting her night.

Tonight we went out for a walk after dinner as well. See if it will calm her and makes her sleep better. However her bed time was later than I had hoped. I wanted her to sleep at 8pm but ended up 8.30pm. The reason being she tends to wake up around 7am now so earlier bed time means more sleep, better for brain development. Please sleeeeeeeepppppp.


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