Sleep training day 47 and 48

Last night I wasn’t in the mood to type a blog entry because my daughter is back to the phase where she only wants mummy at night. I asked my husband to care for her when she woke up but she just cried, loud. Last two days, no improvement at all. Still wake up every hour or so… Only gave me a 2hrs here and there. Maybe she was overtired with me stretching her up time so woke up a lot. I am scared to try earlier bed time than 8pm because if she only napped and not want to sleep then it will be a long and tiring night.

Today she only had two less than an hour nap and the second one I need to feed her. My daughter is getting fussing at nap time all of a sudden as well. Is it a thing for a nearly 7months baby? I feel I am repeating myself everyday of how bad her sleep is. I still need to plan ahead with things as I need to go back to work in a few months. Tonight I am going to give cosleeping another go since my husband is going to be out of the room. I am not sure if he is coming back in but I have taken the whole bed now. My side for the baby and his side for me. My side of the bed is next to the cot so won’t roll off the bed. If this is good I might need to kick my husband out every night lol let’s see how tonight would be.


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