Sleep training day 49

Last night with cosleeping, my daughter woke up every 2hrs instead of 45mins. That’s an improvement right? Sigh. She still woke up at 7am this morning.

Today as usual she had two naps. The first one was just over an hour and second one was 1hr 35mins. Nap wise isn’t bad. My daughter woke up at 4.08pm. I thought to start her night earlier to see if it will help with her sleep. I started to feed at 7.50pm. Once I unlatched her she won’t sleep! I tried walking, patting her in bed and then feeding. She doesn’t seems sleepy at all. I even left the room to see if she will magically settles down and fall asleep. That upset her more actually. I came back when she started to cry and she won’t stop after I picked her up. She realised she is tired… Overtired. I walked her to sleep but my husband came in the room and she woke up looking at him. Then I walked her to sleep again but she is so unsettled that she won’t stay asleep. My husband came back and tried to walk her. I left the room so won’t be a distraction. My daughter just cried even harder and won’t stop. I had to come back in and gave her another feed to get her to drowsy. I needed to cuddle her and pat her to sleep before I can get her down to cot. She went to sleep after 9pm! Later than previous days! My effort of getting her to sleep earlier just backfired. I thought to shorten her up time so she might sleep better. Sigh. I suspect another long night again.


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