Sleep training day 50

I was off with a good start last night although late night. My daughter slept for 2hrs 39mins before waking up uncomfortable because she was on her tummy. After that it was back to hourly and at 6am I got her latched on to sleep because I need a stretch that’s longer than an hour. I think before that she did gave me one just short of 2hrs. She ended up waking up after 8am.

Today her naps were good..the first one was over an hour and with her second nap, she woke up around 50mins and I gave her a feed which got her back for another 58mins of nap. Today she woke up at around 5.30pm. My husband was home when she woke so he took care of her while I slept a bit more.

Tonight my daughter was expected to have a late night due to her second nap but she was fussing around 8.30pm so decided to start her night. Nope, she doesn’t want to sleep and after a while I fed her again but she was very energetic after I got her to cot and woke. I let her be in her cot for a bit longer before walking her again. When I finally got her to sleep (after I told her off for not sleeping so many times) I was going to move her back to vertical position over my shoulder to I can better transit her to cot. Once I got her over my shoulder she started to vomit. A lot of milk came out and got it over me, our bed and the floor. My husband took care of the cleaning while I went to shower. Then came back and gave her another feed and got her to sleep. I hope the vomit made her feels a bit better and sleep better. This is the first time my daughter vomit. Scary and messy.


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