Sleep training day 51

Last night after the vomit she woke up 38mins after I fed her to sleep. Considering she might be unwell I moved her to bed with me. It was a good stretch of 2hrs 49mins before my husband climbed into bed and woke her. Oh well, we’ll never find out how long she would have slept for. Since my husband was back in bed I fed my daughter and got her back to cot. She did 2hrs and then 1hr. Up at before 6am wanting to latch on to sleep which I didn’t let her. She ended up crying and won’t let me walk her to sleep despite she was tired. She won’t stop crying so I tried feeding again and omg, she won’t sleep at all. She was rolling around in my bed and then sat up by herself to play. When it was closed to 7am I couldn’t handled it anymore so I fed her laying down. It finally calmed her and she went back to sleep till 8:35am.

Today, her first nap wasn’t good. We were meeting a friend for lunch so thought to get my daughter to sleep in the car while we drove there. Sigh. Bad decision. She was crying for 25mins until we got the restaurant where it took me 10mins plus to walk her to sleep. Pram isn’t as comfy as cot of course so she only slept for 30mins. With the second nap, this time she was calmed and fell asleep quickly in the car. When we arrived home I moved her back to cot and she had a total of 1hr 18mins nap. Late start of the day pushed her bed time till after 9pm.

Tonight, I won’t make the same mistake of trying to get her to sleep early. She was playing in the in-laws’ room while I had my shower. Mother in law came in to return her to me and it was after 9pm. It was a good time to start her night. I changed her nappy, read her two books (short ones) and fed her. Phew, luckily she fell asleep tonight and not be all energised. I actually like changing nappy as part of the routine but sometimes it’s hard if she did a poo before bed time then it would be a waste to change her nappy again. I’m not going to pretend to change her nappy because once I pulled it off it will be hard to get it back on. She loves to roll and crawl off when changing her nappy. I need to find a new toy to distract her every time! Anyway, let’s hope she is better at sleeping.


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