Sleep training day 51

Last night was actually the better night. My daughter did mostly 2hrs stretch instead hourly. That’s an improvement right?

My daughter wasn’t feeling well today. She has a little constipated again because I need to hold her legs to help her poo this morning. It took a while! Her tummy might be uncomfortable so very clingy and fussy. She wants daddy the whole time. Ha! Why not like this at night so daddy can sooth her too! With first nap i needed to feed her to sleep because she was crying hard when I fed her breakfast. She only had two spoons. She slept for 1.5h though. With second nap, she slept 1.5h again.

Tonight, she already fussed wanting to sleep after bath. She did a big poop before bath time. Maybe all the pooping today made her tired. Sadly though she already woke up twice since I got her to sleep around 8.30pm. I am actually feeding her now as I am typing this. Sigh. Maybe it is going to be another tiring night. She did well with last two night… First stretch to be over 2hr… Not tonight though. Sigh. One day… She will sleep through.


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