Sleep training day 53 and 54

I was too tired yesterday to blog again. The night before she was back to every hour after giving me a 2hr stretch. Yesterday she woke up early so ended up needing 3 naps and pushed her night late. She did do one 2hrs 45mins while sleeping in our bed. She did a big roll and slept on her tummy then my husband cuddled her to sleep while being on the edge of bed himself. After that it was less than 2hrs. This morning I fed her in bed again sigh. My daughter started her day early around 7.30am. She had a long nap for her first nap. She was overtired so I fed her to sleep. She slept for an hour then I fed her again and she went back to sleep. Together she slept for around 3hrs. It is rare that she does this long of a stretch. Then at 4.20pm ish. I fed her and she wanted to sleep again. I already fed her early to not clash with nap time. Maybe she is really tired and need to catch up on sleep. She did another hour of nap.

Tonight however is not going to great. We started her night at 8.48pm. Failed to get her to cot and she became fully awake. I tried to walk her still and she cried and fussed. She continued to cry when I laid her in cot. My husband took over and still walking her to sleep. So far no sign of drowsiness. Hope she can sleep soon. I get really annoyed when she resisted me because I am the one that mostly get her to sleep and exclusively breastfeed her. Why would she resists me?! Argh….. Think it is also the lack of sleep talking. Sigh. Give me a few nights of good sleep to recover please.


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