Sleep training day 59

Well, after the frequent wake up before 12am,  my daughter decided to get up at 1am and not sleep till 3am but still start her day at 7am. She slept for around 6hrs maybe. I can see the dark circle under her eyes.

Today she was a bit cranky. Both nap won’t let me walk her and need feeding. Sigh, bad habit coming back fast. My daughter decided to catch up on her sleep where she slept for almost 2hrs for 1st nap and then 1.5hrs for second.

Tonight not a good night though. We started her night at 8pm which she fell asleep while feeding as usual but woke when I got her to cot. We tried walking for 30mins, I even let my husband walked her while I leave the room. She cried hard so I came back and gave her another feed. Failed to get her to cot again but this time she woke up energised and just wanted to play. Sigh. Almost 2hrs she is up before I gave her another feed and finally got her to cot.

I don’t want to introduce association between breasts and sleep but that’s what she demanded today. How to wean her off this and go back to walking? Her cry was getting close to screaming, hard to annoy. Please let her be in good mood tomorrow and allow me to walk her to sleep. I need to achieve something.


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