Sleep training day 60

Last night was considered to be a better night despite my daughter sleeping late. She did 1.5hrs to 2hrs. In the morning I fed her in bed to squeeze another hour out of her to get to 7.45am.

Today, with my daughter’s first nap I I had to feed her to sleep because she won’t stop crying. She didn’t sleep long though, less than an hour. With second nap I was determine to walk her to sleep so I let her play till tired instead starting 3hrs up time. I think she went over 4hrs and I was able to walk her to sleep instead of feed. She slept for 40mins ish.

Tonight, she went to bed around 9pm and woke up twice already. She wants cuddle and then cried like she is in pain (possibly from teething) and I need to feed to sooth her. Let’s see how tonight is going to be like. Fingers crossed.


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