Sleep training day 61

Last night was actually ok for me. My daughter did a 2hrs and a 2hrs 40mins, already an improvement from hourly. Today I was successful in walking my daughter to sleep for her two naps. Her up time was longer than 3hrs though since she showed no sign of being tired. In fact she was all energetic of crawling and trying to pull herself up from sofa. With her 1st nap, she only slept for half an hour. I walked her back to sleep but she grabbed my arm as I laid her in cot. She woke when I tried to slide my arm out and didn’t want to go back to sleep. With her second nap she slept for 1hr 39mins. Not bad at all!

Tonight, we got her to sleep before 9pm but she woke up once already. I hope she can sleep longer. She has dark circle under her eyes 😦 it isn’t normal right?


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