Sleep training day 62

Nothing magically improve overnight. My daughter gave me two 2hrs stretch and the rest hourly. This morning she woke up at 6am and won’t sleep. Then I realised she had leaked pee to her onesie and turned on night to change her. At 7am I tried to feed her in bed again and got her to sleep for another hour.

Today, the morning nap was good. I reverted back to playing music as I walked her to sleep and she fell asleep pretty quickly (although my husband tried for 20mins first). She napped for 1hr 40mins. This is a pretty good duration and I am guessing she was catching up on her sleep. We went to badminton in the afternoon. And it took me a long time to walk her to sleep because there were noise and other distractions. We successfully transferred her back to carseat in the car but when we arrived my parents, she woke when we moved her out. So, her second nap was short for 25mins.

Tonight, we bathed her, read to her and fed her to sleep around 8.45pm. It is nearly an hour and so far no crying that needs pick up. She did let out a cry when she rolled to her side. I guess this is a phase that we need to deal with. Just wish this phase will be over soon! I need sleep. We all need sleep.


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