Sleep training day 63

Last night was actually not bad! Well my daughter did wake up at 11pm then not wanting to sleep. My fault there as I smelt poo so i wanted to check and that woke her. Then I could only get her to drowsy and not asleep. At midnight I was really tired so decided to get into cot to feed her laying down there since she seems to like her cot more. I fell asleep too and 1.5hrs later she was still latched on.  I slowly unlatched her and patted her thigh. I continued to sleep for a little  while longer but getting uncomfortable in cot as I can’t stretched out my legs. I moved back to bed to sleep. For this stretch she actually slept for 4hrs! OMG! That is the longest in 1.5months? Then up again in an hour and another short of 2hrs before waking up at 8am.

My daughter had 3 naps today. With her first one it was only 20mins because the dog barked and possibly couldn’t resettled after. Second nap was 40mins. I waited for 30mins before feeding her because I don’t want to feed her to sleep but she was too tired that she still fell asleep anyway. 3rd nap was 1.5hrs and up at 6.30pm. This warrant a late night. My daughter is 7months and 11days old and she needs to be up for at least 3hrs before I can try walking her to sleep. She must be all excited with her crawling and learning to stand. She can hold onto the side of the cot and stand up by herself. We need to lower her cot tomorrow.

Tonight I am in the cot with her. I want to see by sleeping next to her in her cot would it make her sleep better. If that’s the case… Hmmm I am not sure what to do since it isn’t comfortable for me. But this is only an experiment and need to wait and see. 


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