Sleep training day 66

I thought things might look up a little when my daughter slept for 2hrs 38mins and then 1hr 50mins. She then did hourly until 7.30am. Sigh, is it really teething that is causing her frequent awake? Websites suggests for a few days maybe, but I have been 2 months! Well, to her credit she did acquire new skills like crawling, chewing and learning to stand. She is working too hard.

Today her two naps were shorter than usual as well. First nap around 40mins and second nap broke into two totaling around an hour. I woke her when I sneaked back into the room to nap. It took me 15mins to walk her back to sleep and I took like a 20mins nap.

Tonight, she woke twice already. The first time was after I left for shower. Can she sense that I left the room? 7mins after I got her back to her cot, she cried. This time I didn’t walk, I just fed her back to sleep because she seems to be having sore gum. Just got her back to cot now, fingers crossed she can sleep longer pleaassee.


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