Sleep training day 67

Well, what can I say? It was still the usual last night but my daughter did give me a couple of close to 2hrs stretch. The longest was when she slept on top of me but I think I slide her accidentally to the side and woke her. Hourly wake up is really no fun and my daughter has this obvious dark circle under her eyes. Despite her frequent wake up and less than 10hrs overall sleep at night, she can run full turbo in the morning.

Today,  she woke up before 7am and played in her cot. I let her be as long as she doesn’t fuss. In the morning she managed to go for 3.5hrs before wanting to sleep. Her nap was slightly longer today with 1hr 15mins. I had a friend visited today with her baby. Play date! My friend’s daughter was very calm and play gentle while my daughter was crawling all over the place, stand up using the sofa, tried to crawl on top of the other baby, took whatever toys the other baby was playing and lose interest quickly. Overall not so lady like but still had fun. I am jealous where she can sit and pat her baby to sleep on her shoulder. No need to walk, no need to sing. My daughter had her second nap at 3pm for an hour so up at 4pm.

Tonight, she showed all the tired signs such as pulling ear, rubbing eyes and fussy before 8pm. We brought her upstairs and started her night. She showed no sign of wanting to sleep when I was feeding her, she farted a lot and pooped. I guess the poop woke her. She didn’t sleep until close to 9pm. I went to shower in case she wake up and yup she did not long after I was back. Once I picked her up she fell back asleep. Soooooo atm I have her sleeping on my chest. Maybe I should give cosleeping another go as she might be experiencing separation anxiety. Let’s see how long she can sleep like this.

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