Sleep training day 68

Last night was ok for second half. My daughter slept on me for one of her stretches and did 2hrs 20mins. She had rolled off to my side with my arm still on her back and she stretches in her sleep. She hits her dad’s face while doing that lol. I moved her back to cot after and she did 1hr 40mins. Then another hour before awake at 8am. She could have slept for longer if our dog didn’t jump onto our bed and I was afraid she will walk on top of the baby. I used my arm as a shield and that woke her. I didn’t feel too bad because as least not need to wake hourly.

Today, her first nap was OK, did a little over an hour. Her second nap was bad though, slept for 27mind and woke up energised ready to play. Both time I walked her to sleep pretty quickly. For her first nap she was only up for 2.5hrs though and second nap was up for 3hrs.

Tonight, we got her to bed a bit late. I decided to try cosleeping again since she did alright last night but while I was feeding her I thought it is such a waste to not use the cot. I put her back into the cot and went to shower. Of course I came back to a crying baby. I now have her sleeping next to me and will give this cosleeping a try. I know I ‘planned’ to not cosleep but I need to do what I can to survive with a restless baby. Of course I wish she is a good sleeper and be easy going, reality is she is not and I need to deal with it to suit her. Whatever works must be the right way!


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