Sleep training day 69

Does it still consider sleep training when I am trying cosleeping? It doesn’t sound like training anymore and just do what I can to survive the little sleep I have been getting. Last night was slightly better after I moved her to our bed, each stretch almost 2hrs and one was 2hrs 49mins. However, I slept uncomfortably through out the whole night and with her last stretch before up time I moved her back to cot so I can get some proper sleep.

My daughter started to like me to walk her to sleep in the bathroom with music playing. She fussed on the hallway and once I went into the bathroom she went quiet. I guess I can check myself out in the mirror lol. Her first nap was a bit over an hour. Second nap was bad though because we went to Westfield to do some shopping so only slept for 27mins in the pram.

Tonight, we bathed and started her night before 9pm. In hindsight I should have started earlier because she was fussing in the bath already being tired. She woke up once already in her cot so now I have moved her back to our bed. I am proud that I didn’t give in to just feeding her back to sleep since i want to see if I can stretch her night feed does it makes any difference to her sleep. And I shouldn’t really be feeding when I had fed less than an hour ago. She has been sleeping for 40mins already, better than in her own cot so far lol. Will I have a magical night?


2 thoughts on “Sleep training day 69

  1. My advice, having survived two babies…stop counting the minutes. Sleep when she sleeps, put her down as soon as she shows signs of tiredness, and she will outgrow this phase, I promise!

    • Thanks for your advice 🙂 I tried to get her to sleep when I spotted her tired signs but sometimes hard to pick up. She would still refuse to sleep when she pulls her ears or rubs her eyes already. I hope she can outgrow this phase soon. It is a little discouraging sometimes hearing good sleep stories from friends. It makes me wonder if I am doing it wrong.

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