Sleep training day 70

I should really consider to change the title to this blog series. It should be ‘Sleep deprived day xx’ since I am not really doing much training so to speak. My daughter will be up, play for 3hrs then walk to sleep and up for longer before bed time. Anyway, last night was ok. I didn’t get her to sleep with me for the whole night. Once she was up for a feed i popped her back to cot. She did a 2hrs, 2hrs 40mins and the rest over an hour. At least she is doing better and not be hourly. Here’s to hope for a start to better sleep.

Today, naps were horrible. In the morning I waited a little too long before waking her and she got overtired. It took me around 30mins to walk her to sleep and she only slept for less than 20mind. Argh!  With her second nap, we visited my parents because today is Chinese New Year so we missed her nap time. By the time we got home she refused to let me walk her and fussed. I ended up feeding her to sleep. Sigh, 2 steps forward and 1 step back. But this second nap she slept for 1hr 15mind and I was able to take a nap while my husband looked after her after she is up. I kept dreaming of my girl crying though.

Tonight, we did the usual of reading a couple of books and then a feed. Her first stretch is very short. Tempted to feed her back to sleep but I didn’t, I went to the other room to walk her in the dark. I got her to sleep and let her be on top of me until she woke again. The cutest thing was she woke, sat up, whimper a bit and then grabbed my leg and had her head down to sleep. If only the room wasn’t dark I would have taken a picture or even a video! I gave her another feed when she was up and got her back to cot. It is getting late. I should sleep. Good luck to all the restless mums!


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