Sleep training day 71

It was still up and down last night but my daughter did one 3hrs and the rest around an hour. I was so tired that I slept through my alarm.

This morning she was very cranky. She won’t eat the solid and won’t let me walk her to sleep. No matter which room I was in the just cried. At the end I fed her to sleep and she slept for 2hrs. That a long time for her standard! With her second nap, we went out and I fed her to sleep. My dad talked to her when I tried go get her to cot and she woke up and won’t sleep. An hour later I tried walking her to sleep and she slept for 40mins.

Tonight, I am trying something new. I will put her on our bed for her first stretch of sleep and then move her back to cot after. During the time she woke up twice but was able to go back to sleep herself. First time she looked at me and rolled to her tummy to sleep, second time she crawled over to me and cuddled me to sleep. That’s so sweet! Together she slept for 3.5hrs! That’s amazing. We haven’t had that for a long while that I don’t need to walk or feed her back to sleep. Now I have moved her back to cot and let’s see how that goes. Yay to my baby!


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