Sleep training day 72 and 73

Last night I was feeling sick so I went to bed earlier. Two nights ago after I moved her back to cot she woke up every hour after. Yesterday, her naps were OK, both nearly two hours. Last night wasn’t as good as the night before, she woke up and fell back asleep on my legs and I was worried she will roll off the bed. Her stretches weren’t as long and woke up at 2am and won’t sleep until 50mins after.

Today, she had 3 naps. The first one was over an hour but second one was only 20mins. I woke her when I moved her out of the car. 3rd nap was around 40mins and I need to add it in because dinner won’t start till 7pm tonight.

Tonight we got home late so I quickly changed her and fed her to sleep. She is sleeping on my side of the bed at the moment while I sit inside her cot typing this entry. I am not sure how and when am I going to sleep. As long as she can have a longer stretch, I don’t mind. Let’s see how she goes.


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