Sleep training day 74

Last night for the two stretches my daughter slept in our bed she did over 2hrs both time. I had enough in the cot so I moved her back and she started to wake hourly. I wonder if it is to do with my bed or the smell. It just does wonder with her sleep.

Today my daughter did well with her nap. Her first nap she did over an hour. With her second nap, she woke up 38mins after which I gave her feed where she woke 4mins after. I then walked her back to sleep and be on our bed instead. This doesn’t count as feeding to sleep right? I slept with her because I was super drowsy this afternoon.

Tonight it is amazing that it has been 2hrs already and she is still sleeping on our bed. It has been a while that she doesn’t wake 40mins into sleep for her first stretch. Our bed is wonderful. Maybe cosleeping is the way to go for our girl. It is not a bad thing right?? Right?? More sleep for my girl is the main thing. Keeeep sleeping baby.


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