Sleep training day 75 and 76

Last night wasn’t a good night so didn’t have the energy to type. She woke quite frequent and only one 2hrs although she slept in our bed already. The night before that was the same. Could it be her teething? Another tooth broke out a bit so might be hurting at night? I am so tired that I can’t think straight.

Today she had three naps, sort of. The morning nap was less than an hour. With her second nap she slept in the car and got woken up when we moved her out. She only slept for 9mins. When we got home after shopping I gave her a feed and she fell asleep. She woke up 30mins later and cranky wanting more sleep. I was tired so I fed her in bed. We both slept for an hour.

Tonight, we put her on our bed first but she woke less than 2hrs. Hm… I wonder what happened to the longer stretch on bed. I have moved her back to cot and see how she goes. I need some better sleep and I can’t have coffee!! Please give me a goodnight sleep!


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