Sleep training day 77

Last night we had an over 3hrs stretch but I vaguely remember not setting the timer when I was doing a feed. I fed at 1am but I remembered going to bed before that. Could it be that we really had a 3hrs stretch? Maybe I shouldn’t focus so much on numbers.

Today, we went out for a long walk around the park in the morning. It was a tiring exercise for everyone involved, mother in law,  aunty, baby and me. My daughter complained when she was in the pram for too long. We had to get her out to hold her to walk some distances. The park isn’t all flat route either. After we got home I thought maybe she would have a longer nap but nope. She slept for 30mins-ish. I walked her back to sleep which she slept for 14mins and then I just fed her back to sleep. I desperately need my sleep. I think she slept for 40mins then? This afternoon, we went back to my parents and I needed to walk her to sleep there. I did it but she slept for 30mins. Sigh. What’s up with short naps today?!

Tonight, we stretched her up time till 8pm and she already woke up once. She was on our bed and she woke when I went to shower. I have walked her back to sleep and put her to cot. Another fun night I envision.


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