Sleep training day 78 and 79

Last night was horrible, it doesn’t matter whether my daughter was on our bed or cot, she woke every 1hr 40mins or less. I moved between cot and bed to sleep. I snored so loud and took the other half of the bed that my husband has no place to sleep. That’s why I didn’t have time to type. The night before that wasn’t good either. Yesterday the nap was alright. The first one was less than an hour and second one was in the car for 1hr 20mins. We got home and didn’t want to wake her so we stayed in the car in the garage to chat.

Today my daughter had a longer nap in the morning for 1hr 38mins but the second nap was 35mins when I wanted to nap. Now I wait for 3hrs before getting her to sleep and would be able to walk her to sleep in 2 to 3 songs. With her nigiht, we try to aim for 8pm to sleep around the same time every night.

Tonight, I changed her nappy, read two quick books and then fed her to sleep. I moved her to cot and she rolled to her side. Let’s hope she can sleep longer. I am going to stop timing her night sleep and get as much sleep as possible. Hopefully this bad sleep phase will be over before I know it.


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