Sleep training day 80

Last night my daughter only gave me one long stretch of 2.5hrs. I know I said I won’t record the time anymore but I used the white noise machine to time it. It auto stop every 30mins. After that it was pretty much every 1hr 40mins according to my feeding time. Oh forgot to mention that she woke up at midnight and then won’t sleep for almost 2hrs. I fed her to sleep and she got all energise after I got her to cot. I didn’t want to feed her again to I walked her back to sleep when she had been up for too long! How can she be playing in the dark for so long? She kept pulling herself up to stand in her cot.

Today, she had good naps. Her first nap was less than an hour but with her second nap she slept for an hour. I fed her in bed and got her back to sleep for almost another hour. I fed her more rice cereal as well. Would that make of a good night? I don’t think so because she just woke up as I am typing this. I got her to sleep before 9pm although she woke at 6pm. This is the second time she woke. Sigh. Another tough night I guess.


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