Sleep training day 81

I have met a wonderful maternal nurse today when we brought our daughter for her 8 months check up. Lucy understands our difficulties. I asked about sleep school but gave up after I found out they use control crying. Lucy said it is ok to feed to sleep, ideally we should put baby to cot awake but a lot of people just feed to sleep. OMG! This is what I have been longing to hear! Someone to tell me that it is ok to what I have been doing. However I should only do 4 to 5 feeds on a 24hrs period where solids are her main food. She even wrote me a schedule which it is ok to feed and put my daughter to sleep. Over night I should only do 1 or 2. Also in theory that babies at 8 months should sleep overnight but they normally do 6hrs stretch. Now I just need to work toward this 6hrs. For tonight I will toughen up to spread my feed to two overnight, other time I need to walk her back to sleep. Let’s hope I can stay strong! Do I need to say more about last night? It’s same old same old.

Today my daughter has two good naps both over an hour long. Both time I got her to sleep within 20mins which isn’t bad really.

Tonight she showed tired signs early so I tried to feed her go sleep before 3hrs. Nope! She doesn’t want to sleep yet and actually bit me! I ended up walking her to sleep which I failed to put her to cot she first go. The second time I climbed into cot to get her down gently. Oh I am also using the Fisher Price cuddle soother where it comes with night light and white noise/melody (I think I mentioned this in an earlier post) and play the white noise. So far it seems OK. She has been sleeping over an hour and this is already a good sign. Let my daughter catch up on her sleep!


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