Sleep training day 82 and 83

The last two nights’ night wakings were like nightmare. I lost count how many times I needed to get up and walked her back to sleep so I can keep my two feeds overnight goal. It was tiring but I made it for two nights. Naps are the same with around the hour mark. Nothing much changed apart trying to just do two feeds. My daughter has been gassy though, farting a lot in the last few days.

Today her first nap was good, over an hour but second nap was 40mins. I got her to bed before 8pm tonight because she was fussing already. I changed her nappy,  quickly read two books and gave her a feed. It took me a couple of tries to get her back to cot because I need to go back down stairs to have dinner. Since then till now she woke up 4 times already and I did a feed when she won’t settled down. I was just about to shower as well. The tired nights make me less patient to my daughter’s crying. I lost my temper when I was walking because she cried and kept leaning to one side wanting to turn around to face the front. Sigh. Last night I only gotten a few hours of sleep because it one point she kept waking when I get back to bed. It took me an hour to get her to sleep properly. My eyes are dopey sad typing this. I better get some sleep since I don’t know how many more times I need to walk tonight. Need to find my cool again.


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