Sleep training day 88

It has been a week since I started 2 feeds overnight rule. Last night my daughter woke often. It is almost like back to hourly. However I wasn’t feeling too tired in the morning. I guessed it didn’t take long to walk her back to sleep, only if she could stay asleep for longer. Stop timing her sleep duration makes me less frustrated. I still do a little timing just so I know when she wakes up in the morning, for knowing when to get her to nap.

Today, her naps were OK. First one was less than an hour and second one she woke and I walked her back to sleep overall for second nap is over an hour.

Tonight, we got her to bed around 8.30pm. Let’s hope she can stay asleep until after 12am for her first feed. Maybe I need go be like my friend to buy a swing so I can have a magic moment of her sleeping through the night.

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