Sleep training day 89 and 90

Last night was very tiring. My daughter woke up a lot and did not want to be put down to cot or to bed. It’s a vicious cycle of letting her to sleep on top of me and then wakes up shortly. I wish this phase be over soon. The night before was the same. I ended up feeding three times instead of two because she was so unsettled to be put to bed and cried as being uncomfortable. I wonder if she is feeling unwell with tummy issue. Yesterday with her first nap, she napped for 45mins and then woke up crying. She vomited some yogurt onto my arm and fussed. I gave her a feed and she went back to sleep for 1hr 45mins. With second nap, she did another 45mins as well. Then came the tiring night as mentioned already.

Today, she woke up at 7am and absolutely refused to be walked to sleep at 10:20am (I slept through my alarm while in-laws were looking after her, so fed her breakfast and started to walk her later than usual). Every time I walked her she would protested and cried, but smiled once I put her down on play mat to play. It’s very stressful knowing she needs to sleep and we need to go out around 1pm but looking at her happy face made feel loved. She crashed at 11:30am and fell asleep while I walked up the stairs. She only slept for 48mins though and woke up very cranky and clingy. She cried and fussed, even after I gave her a feed. In the car on the way to the baby expo, she cried ALL THE WAY. She won’t stop crying, no matter what toys and things I gave her. Her crying only stopped after we arrived the car park and was able to take her out of the car. She slept for 30mins while we walked around at the baby expo. She was calmed and happy. Once we got her back to the car she started crying again. I tried rubbing her head along to the side of her temple and patted her chest. Magically she stopped crying and started to fall asleep. She slept through the rest of the car ride (that’s 38mins).

Tonight, despite she woke up late from her nap she already fussed to sleep before 9pm. I gave her a feed and she fell asleep quickly. She might be unwell but still unsettled enough to sleep long. So far, she has woken up three times. Nope, fourth, just woke up as I’m typing this.Got to go and wish me luck.

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