Sleep training day 91

I wonder if my daughter is experiencing separation anxiety at night time. She seems like to sleep on top of me and be awake when I tried to roll her to bed. Last night she woke up still quite a lot but did one longish stretch. I knew because I got her to bed after I fed her, she slept next to me until 6am so sort of a 3hrs stretch. That’s an improvement somewhat.

Today, her two naps were good. Both over an hour again and less fussy as yesterday. Actually, she did fuss a little before dinner.

Tonight, I failed to get her to cot and she ended up being fully awake. I tried letting her play before feeding again. I fed on her cot but she won’t go to sleep. Drowsy but fully awake. I didn’t want to let her play anymore so carried her to the other room to walk her to sleep. It took a while and she ended up sleeping after being awake for 5hrs! She has woken up 3 times already and sleeping on top of me right me (she is getting heavy). Let’s see if she can do another long stretch and I won’t feed until past 1am because she got fed twice before sleeping. I can nearly keep my eyes open, going to sleep now. Good night!

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