Sleep training day 82 and 83

The last two nights’ night wakings were like nightmare. I lost count how many times I needed to get up and walked her back to sleep so I can keep my two feeds overnight goal. It was tiring but I made it for two nights. Naps are the same with around the hour mark. Nothing much changed apart trying to just do two feeds. My daughter has been gassy though, farting a lot in the last few days.

Today her first nap was good, over an hour but second nap was 40mins. I got her to bed before 8pm tonight because she was fussing already. I changed her nappy,  quickly read two books and gave her a feed. It took me a couple of tries to get her back to cot because I need to go back down stairs to have dinner. Since then till now she woke up 4 times already and I did a feed when she won’t settled down. I was just about to shower as well. The tired nights make me less patient to my daughter’s crying. I lost my temper when I was walking because she cried and kept leaning to one side wanting to turn around to face the front. Sigh. Last night I only gotten a few hours of sleep because it one point she kept waking when I get back to bed. It took me an hour to get her to sleep properly. My eyes are dopey sad typing this. I better get some sleep since I don’t know how many more times I need to walk tonight. Need to find my cool again.


Sleep training day 81

I have met a wonderful maternal nurse today when we brought our daughter for her 8 months check up. Lucy understands our difficulties. I asked about sleep school but gave up after I found out they use control crying. Lucy said it is ok to feed to sleep, ideally we should put baby to cot awake but a lot of people just feed to sleep. OMG! This is what I have been longing to hear! Someone to tell me that it is ok to what I have been doing. However I should only do 4 to 5 feeds on a 24hrs period where solids are her main food. She even wrote me a schedule which it is ok to feed and put my daughter to sleep. Over night I should only do 1 or 2. Also in theory that babies at 8 months should sleep overnight but they normally do 6hrs stretch. Now I just need to work toward this 6hrs. For tonight I will toughen up to spread my feed to two overnight, other time I need to walk her back to sleep. Let’s hope I can stay strong! Do I need to say more about last night? It’s same old same old.

Today my daughter has two good naps both over an hour long. Both time I got her to sleep within 20mins which isn’t bad really.

Tonight she showed tired signs early so I tried to feed her go sleep before 3hrs. Nope! She doesn’t want to sleep yet and actually bit me! I ended up walking her to sleep which I failed to put her to cot she first go. The second time I climbed into cot to get her down gently. Oh I am also using the Fisher Price cuddle soother where it comes with night light and white noise/melody (I think I mentioned this in an earlier post) and play the white noise. So far it seems OK. She has been sleeping over an hour and this is already a good sign. Let my daughter catch up on her sleep!


Sleep training day 80

Last night my daughter only gave me one long stretch of 2.5hrs. I know I said I won’t record the time anymore but I used the white noise machine to time it. It auto stop every 30mins. After that it was pretty much every 1hr 40mins according to my feeding time. Oh forgot to mention that she woke up at midnight and then won’t sleep for almost 2hrs. I fed her to sleep and she got all energise after I got her to cot. I didn’t want to feed her again to I walked her back to sleep when she had been up for too long! How can she be playing in the dark for so long? She kept pulling herself up to stand in her cot.

Today, she had good naps. Her first nap was less than an hour but with her second nap she slept for an hour. I fed her in bed and got her back to sleep for almost another hour. I fed her more rice cereal as well. Would that make of a good night? I don’t think so because she just woke up as I am typing this. I got her to sleep before 9pm although she woke at 6pm. This is the second time she woke. Sigh. Another tough night I guess.


Sleep training day 78 and 79

Last night was horrible, it doesn’t matter whether my daughter was on our bed or cot, she woke every 1hr 40mins or less. I moved between cot and bed to sleep. I snored so loud and took the other half of the bed that my husband has no place to sleep. That’s why I didn’t have time to type. The night before that wasn’t good either. Yesterday the nap was alright. The first one was less than an hour and second one was in the car for 1hr 20mins. We got home and didn’t want to wake her so we stayed in the car in the garage to chat.

Today my daughter had a longer nap in the morning for 1hr 38mins but the second nap was 35mins when I wanted to nap. Now I wait for 3hrs before getting her to sleep and would be able to walk her to sleep in 2 to 3 songs. With her nigiht, we try to aim for 8pm to sleep around the same time every night.

Tonight, I changed her nappy, read two quick books and then fed her to sleep. I moved her to cot and she rolled to her side. Let’s hope she can sleep longer. I am going to stop timing her night sleep and get as much sleep as possible. Hopefully this bad sleep phase will be over before I know it.


Sleep training day 77

Last night we had an over 3hrs stretch but I vaguely remember not setting the timer when I was doing a feed. I fed at 1am but I remembered going to bed before that. Could it be that we really had a 3hrs stretch? Maybe I shouldn’t focus so much on numbers.

Today, we went out for a long walk around the park in the morning. It was a tiring exercise for everyone involved, mother in law,  aunty, baby and me. My daughter complained when she was in the pram for too long. We had to get her out to hold her to walk some distances. The park isn’t all flat route either. After we got home I thought maybe she would have a longer nap but nope. She slept for 30mins-ish. I walked her back to sleep which she slept for 14mins and then I just fed her back to sleep. I desperately need my sleep. I think she slept for 40mins then? This afternoon, we went back to my parents and I needed to walk her to sleep there. I did it but she slept for 30mins. Sigh. What’s up with short naps today?!

Tonight, we stretched her up time till 8pm and she already woke up once. She was on our bed and she woke when I went to shower. I have walked her back to sleep and put her to cot. Another fun night I envision.


Sleep training day 75 and 76

Last night wasn’t a good night so didn’t have the energy to type. She woke quite frequent and only one 2hrs although she slept in our bed already. The night before that was the same. Could it be her teething? Another tooth broke out a bit so might be hurting at night? I am so tired that I can’t think straight.

Today she had three naps, sort of. The morning nap was less than an hour. With her second nap she slept in the car and got woken up when we moved her out. She only slept for 9mins. When we got home after shopping I gave her a feed and she fell asleep. She woke up 30mins later and cranky wanting more sleep. I was tired so I fed her in bed. We both slept for an hour.

Tonight, we put her on our bed first but she woke less than 2hrs. Hm… I wonder what happened to the longer stretch on bed. I have moved her back to cot and see how she goes. I need some better sleep and I can’t have coffee!! Please give me a goodnight sleep!


Sleep training day 74

Last night for the two stretches my daughter slept in our bed she did over 2hrs both time. I had enough in the cot so I moved her back and she started to wake hourly. I wonder if it is to do with my bed or the smell. It just does wonder with her sleep.

Today my daughter did well with her nap. Her first nap she did over an hour. With her second nap, she woke up 38mins after which I gave her feed where she woke 4mins after. I then walked her back to sleep and be on our bed instead. This doesn’t count as feeding to sleep right? I slept with her because I was super drowsy this afternoon.

Tonight it is amazing that it has been 2hrs already and she is still sleeping on our bed. It has been a while that she doesn’t wake 40mins into sleep for her first stretch. Our bed is wonderful. Maybe cosleeping is the way to go for our girl. It is not a bad thing right?? Right?? More sleep for my girl is the main thing. Keeeep sleeping baby.