Onion possibly giving my baby tummy pain

A few days ago I thought to add something new to my daughter’s dinner – onion. I made the combo of carrot, corn, onion and beef. It tastes decent and my daughter ate it all. As a note I only put in a couple outter slices that’s 1/8 of onion size. Basically not much! That night, she woke slightly earlier for her first stretch and cried in pain to get farts out of her system. She farted a few time and be grumpy. I fed her twice to get her back to sleep. I had cauliflower for dinner as well and I read it can gives breastfed babies gas. So, the next day I tried onion again with only one slice this time. My daughter slept normal for her first stretch and then with her second stretch she only slept for an hour and woke up crying in pain again. She did a few farts and I could hear her tummy rumble. I fed her infant’s friend and fed her back to sleep. She then slept for almost 4hrs. That’s the longest for hmmm 3 to 4 months? Last two night I didn’t put in any onion and she didn’t wake up farting. In conclusion, onion is not for every baby.


Sleep training day 100

Alright, it has been a 100 days and nothing much has changed apart from she can sit by herself, pull herself to a standing position and teething. Well,  a lot has happened but just not much with my daughter’s sleeping. I am going to stop blogging about it because there isn’t much to report. Maybe I will talk about her eating instead. That’s more fun. OK let’s end this by talking her sleep from last night. Well, she was ok. Woke up around 2hrs maybe? Didn’t keep track so the time is a big vague. I know I did a feed at 1am and then another around 3am. I was too tired to wait till 4am. She woke up at 6am, sigh, playing. I got her in cot and I just laid there next to her while she was playing. I then waited till close to 7am and fed her laying down. That got her another 45m of sleep or so.

Today, another fussy nap day. With her first nap, it took me 30mins to walk her and she only slept for 30mins. With second nap, it was a little better around an hour.

Tonight, got her to sleep around 9pm and too early to tell how tonight would go. I am not holding my breath though.


Sleep training day 98 and 99

The memory for the last two nights were a blur. Last night, she did have one good first stretch-sort of. I went to shower right after I got her to bed. When I came back from shower she was sleeping on our bed because my husband had moved her when she woke up. Then she slept till after 1am. That’s the longest stretch we’ve got out of her so far. After that, she went back to 1hr to 2 hrs or shorter. The night before I think she was quiet steady for second half of the night, waking up 2hrs or so. Nap-wise, still fussy but better.

Today, I finally managed to walk her to sleep in the bathroom again with little protest. She wasn’t as fussy as a few days ago. Phew for that! She slept for an hour then we spent the afternoon out. When she was right about to fall asleep, she got woken up to the sound of my friend’s mum. My daughter didn’t sleep until she got back to the car. Without protest, she fell asleep as we started to head home. I managed to move her to back to cot when we got home. Her nap wasn’t too long though – 46mins total.

Tonight, I fed a bit earlier before 9pm. Nope, she didn’t fall asleep. I moved her back to cot while I sat in hoping to get her to sleep. She just rolled around and played. I thought this isn’t right so I moved her to other darker room ready to walk her. Once she was in the other room, she rested her head on my shoulder wanting to sleep! Ha! She did want to sleep but just too distracted. However, she woke up as soon as I went back into the room. I walked her to sleep again. She slept for 2 hours before I went to shower. While I was ready to get into the shower I heard her cry. I trusted my husband would take care of it so continue to wash up. When I went back to the room she was sleeping on our bed again. I think our daughter loves our bigger bed more than her cot. She would rolled around in her sleep from back to tummy and vice versa. If she is in cot, she would only roll to tummy and then be awake. What’s the deal with that? Does she wants more blanket or pillows? Or our smell is enough to make her comfort enough to just roll? I was scared she will roll out of bed so I kept checking on her.

So far, tonight is ok. Please make this a smooth night.


Sleep training day 97

Hmmmm… After I fed my daughter at 1am,  I moved her back to sleep. She slept for 2hrs after. After that she woke quite often and as though discomfort from teething. I gave her extra feeds to survive till morning.

I am not sure whether it is a phase for my daughter but she is sleeping less for her nap. This morning I walked in every room upstairs to get her to sleep and she slept for 50mins. It took me 30mins. This afternoon, I failed to put her to cot after a feed and she woke up protesting. I didn’t give up and know she needed the nap, it took me 30mins to get 36mins of sleep out of her. Sigh. It is bad week!!

Tonight, we started her night like usual and she did a poop before bed time. Hopefully no tummy issue for tonight. I failed to get her to cot again after a feed (what’s wrong with me?!)  so needed to walk her back to sleep. I climbed into the cot to lay her down. So far so good. Let’s see how she goes tonight.


Sleep training day 96

Last night was the same, no big surprise. My daughter did wake up at 8am instead of 7am though.

Today, she protested when I walked her to sleep with her first nap. Although she fussed but still managed to get her down for an hour nap. With second nap, I fed her to sleep because we went out for lunch and came home 30m prior her nap time. I didn’t feed then because if she fell asleep and was short nap then she will need to have an early night. Well, her second nap was short. Not sure if because tummy issue or because didn’t poop yesterday, she pooped three times today! So many pooooooooo!

Tonight, she woke up quiet a lot already. 4 times I think. I just gave her a feed and popped her back to cot. She slept better when I am next to her but got to keep trying for her to sleep in cot whenever possible. Well I don’t see a miracle happening tonight so got to sleep as much as I can now. Night people!


Sleep training day 95

Last night was ok but my daughter still woke up a lot. Since I stopped recording the time I don’t know how long she has slept for. I was really tired in the morning. During difficult nights I am grateful to be living with my in-laws that they would be able to take care of my daughter while I snooze some more in the morning to make up for it.

Today, she refused her naps again and want to be up for 4hrs before going to sleep. Sigh, this is too soon for her age. My husband has discovered our daughter is teething with her upper tooth! He saw a white dot and I confirmed (while she was sleeping) that her upper tooth has broke through a little. No wonder she has been cranky lately! Can I blame her poor sleep on it too? It means more cranky days to come because the upper front tooth is bigger and will take longer to break through. Then the other one would pop out after this!!!

Tonight, we started her night around 9pm and has been sleeping for an hour so far. I guess in hindsight she is doing better with her first stretch already because she can sleep through an hour at least.

I am feeling defeated today because my friend told me her son is sleeping better these two nights. She also tried not to feed her boy too much at night and did a bit of control crying. The underlying aim is to not pick up her baby and find other means to comfort him. How can I comfort my baby when she would sit up and stand up using the side bar? I have faith that my daughter will get over this phase but wish to be soon. Please, I need some good night sleep.


Sleep training day 94

Last night was the same, my daughter got up around 2hrs stretch. I was really tired this morning when I got up so skipped the park walk with in-laws and baby.

Today was a fussy day. My daughter refused her naps. She went to sleep after more than 4hrs being up. Then the dog woke her and I had to walk her back to sleep. It would be difficult to place her back to cot so I had Her sleeping next to me. She didn’t sleep long though and I was really tired, so I fed her in bed and that got her back to sleep for another 1hr 20mins. It is a no no but I am desperate for more sleep. In total, she slept for 2hrs. However she didn’t have second nap because she absolutely refused it. I walked for 30mins and even tried feeding, both didn’t work so I had to skip.

Tonight, we started her night early. She slept for 2hrs maybe then kept getting up. She has a blocked nose, I can hear it. I just got her back to sleep again. I hope she will sleep better.


Sleep training day 92 and 93

Yesterday my friend posted an article about genetics relate to baby sleep habits . I wonder if my daughter’s frequent awake at night is to do with genetics and at 18months sleep habits relate more to environments. Hmmm…. Do I need to wait till 18 months before she can sleep better? The night before she shifted to wanting to feed at 3am instead of 4am, but slept for 3hrs after. Last night she fed at 3am but only slept for 2hrs this time. Naps were OK yesterday, both time a bit above and hour.

Today, her first nap was broken into two. She first slept for 30mins and then awake. I walked her back to sleep and she slept for another 40mins. With her 2nd nap, we were out and she didn’t want to sleep at ‘right’ time. She waited till we get home and I fed her to sleep. Not sure if it is because she didn’t sleep at 3hrs mark, she only slept for 38mins.

Tonight, I just fed her to sleep and need to wait how soon she will be awake. I hope she can go back to her magic 4months where she slept through for 3 nights in a roll…. Then never again. She did so some 5hrs but not really since I started recording here. Could this be the problem? That I ranted too much so my negativity is becoming reality? One day… I am sure one day she will sleep through.