Sleep training day 92 and 93

Yesterday my friend posted an article about genetics relate to baby sleep habits . I wonder if my daughter’s frequent awake at night is to do with genetics and at 18months sleep habits relate more to environments. Hmmm…. Do I need to wait till 18 months before she can sleep better? The night before she shifted to wanting to feed at 3am instead of 4am, but slept for 3hrs after. Last night she fed at 3am but only slept for 2hrs this time. Naps were OK yesterday, both time a bit above and hour.

Today, her first nap was broken into two. She first slept for 30mins and then awake. I walked her back to sleep and she slept for another 40mins. With her 2nd nap, we were out and she didn’t want to sleep at ‘right’ time. She waited till we get home and I fed her to sleep. Not sure if it is because she didn’t sleep at 3hrs mark, she only slept for 38mins.

Tonight, I just fed her to sleep and need to wait how soon she will be awake. I hope she can go back to her magic 4months where she slept through for 3 nights in a roll…. Then never again. She did so some 5hrs but not really since I started recording here. Could this be the problem? That I ranted too much so my negativity is becoming reality? One day… I am sure one day she will sleep through.


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