Sleep training day 94

Last night was the same, my daughter got up around 2hrs stretch. I was really tired this morning when I got up so skipped the park walk with in-laws and baby.

Today was a fussy day. My daughter refused her naps. She went to sleep after more than 4hrs being up. Then the dog woke her and I had to walk her back to sleep. It would be difficult to place her back to cot so I had Her sleeping next to me. She didn’t sleep long though and I was really tired, so I fed her in bed and that got her back to sleep for another 1hr 20mins. It is a no no but I am desperate for more sleep. In total, she slept for 2hrs. However she didn’t have second nap because she absolutely refused it. I walked for 30mins and even tried feeding, both didn’t work so I had to skip.

Tonight, we started her night early. She slept for 2hrs maybe then kept getting up. She has a blocked nose, I can hear it. I just got her back to sleep again. I hope she will sleep better.

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