Sleep training day 95

Last night was ok but my daughter still woke up a lot. Since I stopped recording the time I don’t know how long she has slept for. I was really tired in the morning. During difficult nights I am grateful to be living with my in-laws that they would be able to take care of my daughter while I snooze some more in the morning to make up for it.

Today, she refused her naps again and want to be up for 4hrs before going to sleep. Sigh, this is too soon for her age. My husband has discovered our daughter is teething with her upper tooth! He saw a white dot and I confirmed (while she was sleeping) that her upper tooth has broke through a little. No wonder she has been cranky lately! Can I blame her poor sleep on it too? It means more cranky days to come because the upper front tooth is bigger and will take longer to break through. Then the other one would pop out after this!!!

Tonight, we started her night around 9pm and has been sleeping for an hour so far. I guess in hindsight she is doing better with her first stretch already because she can sleep through an hour at least.

I am feeling defeated today because my friend told me her son is sleeping better these two nights. She also tried not to feed her boy too much at night and did a bit of control crying. The underlying aim is to not pick up her baby and find other means to comfort him. How can I comfort my baby when she would sit up and stand up using the side bar? I have faith that my daughter will get over this phase but wish to be soon. Please, I need some good night sleep.

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