Sleep training day 96

Last night was the same, no big surprise. My daughter did wake up at 8am instead of 7am though.

Today, she protested when I walked her to sleep with her first nap. Although she fussed but still managed to get her down for an hour nap. With second nap, I fed her to sleep because we went out for lunch and came home 30m prior her nap time. I didn’t feed then because if she fell asleep and was short nap then she will need to have an early night. Well, her second nap was short. Not sure if because tummy issue or because didn’t poop yesterday, she pooped three times today! So many pooooooooo!

Tonight, she woke up quiet a lot already. 4 times I think. I just gave her a feed and popped her back to cot. She slept better when I am next to her but got to keep trying for her to sleep in cot whenever possible. Well I don’t see a miracle happening tonight so got to sleep as much as I can now. Night people!

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