Sleep training day 97

Hmmmm… After I fed my daughter at 1am,  I moved her back to sleep. She slept for 2hrs after. After that she woke quite often and as though discomfort from teething. I gave her extra feeds to survive till morning.

I am not sure whether it is a phase for my daughter but she is sleeping less for her nap. This morning I walked in every room upstairs to get her to sleep and she slept for 50mins. It took me 30mins. This afternoon, I failed to put her to cot after a feed and she woke up protesting. I didn’t give up and know she needed the nap, it took me 30mins to get 36mins of sleep out of her. Sigh. It is bad week!!

Tonight, we started her night like usual and she did a poop before bed time. Hopefully no tummy issue for tonight. I failed to get her to cot again after a feed (what’s wrong with me?!)  so needed to walk her back to sleep. I climbed into the cot to lay her down. So far so good. Let’s see how she goes tonight.

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