Sleep training day 98 and 99

The memory for the last two nights were a blur. Last night, she did have one good first stretch-sort of. I went to shower right after I got her to bed. When I came back from shower she was sleeping on our bed because my husband had moved her when she woke up. Then she slept till after 1am. That’s the longest stretch we’ve got out of her so far. After that, she went back to 1hr to 2 hrs or shorter. The night before I think she was quiet steady for second half of the night, waking up 2hrs or so. Nap-wise, still fussy but better.

Today, I finally managed to walk her to sleep in the bathroom again with little protest. She wasn’t as fussy as a few days ago. Phew for that! She slept for an hour then we spent the afternoon out. When she was right about to fall asleep, she got woken up to the sound of my friend’s mum. My daughter didn’t sleep until she got back to the car. Without protest, she fell asleep as we started to head home. I managed to move her to back to cot when we got home. Her nap wasn’t too long though – 46mins total.

Tonight, I fed a bit earlier before 9pm. Nope, she didn’t fall asleep. I moved her back to cot while I sat in hoping to get her to sleep. She just rolled around and played. I thought this isn’t right so I moved her to other darker room ready to walk her. Once she was in the other room, she rested her head on my shoulder wanting to sleep! Ha! She did want to sleep but just too distracted. However, she woke up as soon as I went back into the room. I walked her to sleep again. She slept for 2 hours before I went to shower. While I was ready to get into the shower I heard her cry. I trusted my husband would take care of it so continue to wash up. When I went back to the room she was sleeping on our bed again. I think our daughter loves our bigger bed more than her cot. She would rolled around in her sleep from back to tummy and vice versa. If she is in cot, she would only roll to tummy and then be awake. What’s the deal with that? Does she wants more blanket or pillows? Or our smell is enough to make her comfort enough to just roll? I was scared she will roll out of bed so I kept checking on her.

So far, tonight is ok. Please make this a smooth night.

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