Sleep training day 100

Alright, it has been a 100 days and nothing much has changed apart from she can sit by herself, pull herself to a standing position and teething. Well,  a lot has happened but just not much with my daughter’s sleeping. I am going to stop blogging about it because there isn’t much to report. Maybe I will talk about her eating instead. That’s more fun. OK let’s end this by talking her sleep from last night. Well, she was ok. Woke up around 2hrs maybe? Didn’t keep track so the time is a big vague. I know I did a feed at 1am and then another around 3am. I was too tired to wait till 4am. She woke up at 6am, sigh, playing. I got her in cot and I just laid there next to her while she was playing. I then waited till close to 7am and fed her laying down. That got her another 45m of sleep or so.

Today, another fussy nap day. With her first nap, it took me 30mins to walk her and she only slept for 30mins. With second nap, it was a little better around an hour.

Tonight, got her to sleep around 9pm and too early to tell how tonight would go. I am not holding my breath though.

4 thoughts on “Sleep training day 100

  1. Please dont stop blogging about sleep. Im a new mum of a 7month old who struggles to sleep. It makes me feel a little better that there are other babies similar. If i hear one more mother tell me how their baby has been sleeping 12 hrs since they got home from hospital i sill throttle myself with a muslin cloth!

    • I understand the frustration! I am trying a new technique to get my baby to sleep so will update after trying for a few more days. Well, it is not that she can sleep through but at least 3hrs for first stretch. How I have not seen this for months! Is your baby very active like mine?

      • My little boy goes off to sleep initially quite well for 2-3 hrs but after that it comes undone and he only settles tucked in bed with me. His napping is equally sporadic! I suspect i could put together a better routine but i’m on my own as my partner is away in the military and I’m guilty of just going with the easiest option so i can function! He’s fairly active and i think he finds sleep a boring activity to get to grips with. Imagine how we will struggle to get them out of bed when they are teenagers!

      • Don’t be too hard on yourself! We all do what’s necessary to get by the day, especially hard for you when you partner is away and doing this on your own. You are doing great already. I have gotten my girl into bed with me just to get a bit more shut eyes but even then she isn’t sleeping any better so I moved her back to cot. If cosleeping is working for you, maybe try that instead? Make the bed safe and both of you can get a good night sleep. What I have found this week is my daughter really needs her cool off period before bed. I let her play in cot after a feed (normally an hour long of playing and I am in cot with her) and then she would doze off by herself eventually. This has improved her first stretch to 3hrs. Not sure if out of habit she always wake after 3hrs for a feed. Then her stretches varies from 3hrs to 1hr. This morning at 4am she decided to be up and play, I let her be and she eventually fell asleep again for 2hrs. Good luck!!

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