Onion possibly giving my baby tummy pain

A few days ago I thought to add something new to my daughter’s dinner – onion. I made the combo of carrot, corn, onion and beef. It tastes decent and my daughter ate it all. As a note I only put in a couple outter slices that’s 1/8 of onion size. Basically not much! That night, she woke slightly earlier for her first stretch and cried in pain to get farts out of her system. She farted a few time and be grumpy. I fed her twice to get her back to sleep. I had cauliflower for dinner as well and I read it can gives breastfed babies gas. So, the next day I tried onion again with only one slice this time. My daughter slept normal for her first stretch and then with her second stretch she only slept for an hour and woke up crying in pain again. She did a few farts and I could hear her tummy rumble. I fed her infant’s friend and fed her back to sleep. She then slept for almost 4hrs. That’s the longest for hmmm 3 to 4 months? Last two night I didn’t put in any onion and she didn’t wake up farting. In conclusion, onion is not for every baby.


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