One nap a day at 10 months?


For the past couple of days, my daughter only took one nap in the morning. I fed her in the afternoon and no sign being tired. Then when it’s close to dinner time, she would rub her eyes but still play on. How can she be so energetic?? Where does she get her energy from?? This causes early bed time for her and no “cool down” play time in cot before sleeping. She would go to sleep right after feed.

Is she transiting herself to one nap? She doesn’t fuss or get grumpy with little sleep. I hope this doesn’t affect her development – physically and mentally. No rest for the wicked hey?


False hope of seeing the end of the tunnel

The first night after I stopped blogging about my daughter’s sleep issue, I even gave up walking her to sleep when feeding didn’t work. That night, I turned off all the night and snugged into the cot with my baby. She climbed all over me, punched my eye and slapped my face. To my surprise, she slept next to me by herself after being all over the cot for an hour. She did 3hrs for her first stretch for the very first time in months. I was thrilled! I repeated it again the next night and every night. A couple of times I fell asleep in cot because she did, nice way to catch up on some sleep. It can be hard when she is slapping my face and head butting my jaw. My daughter’s sleep improved every night. She got to 4hrs for first stretch and even 6hrs for one night. On a side note, falling asleeping by herself doesn’t mean she will sleep through or know how to go back to sleep. I have got the misconception that if she can fall asleep by herself then helllllloooo sleep. Or maybe because I am still a sleeping aid being next to her in cot? Anyway, I thought my daughter is finally better but I was wrong! Last night she was back to hourly despite I get her to sleep the same way as before. She even woke up at 6:18am to start her day. Tonight, she has been every two hours so far. Sigh. I wonder if it is to do with teething. Her upper central is still not fully out, still got the round edge to come through. Could this be it? I will need to wait to see how she goes tomorrow night. Come on baby, please be good again.

Oh, I had fed her infants friend after she woke up. It says to help with teething pain but she woke up 2hrs after. It is not helping yet.