One nap a day at 10 months?


For the past couple of days, my daughter only took one nap in the morning. I fed her in the afternoon and no sign being tired. Then when it’s close to dinner time, she would rub her eyes but still play on. How can she be so energetic?? Where does she get her energy from?? This causes early bed time for her and no “cool down” play time in cot before sleeping. She would go to sleep right after feed.

Is she transiting herself to one nap? She doesn’t fuss or get grumpy with little sleep. I hope this doesn’t affect her development – physically and mentally. No rest for the wicked hey?


2 thoughts on “One nap a day at 10 months?

  1. Maybe it’s a girl thing…? My daughter was down to one nap around 1 in the afternoon by 11 months. I could never understand how she made it through the day like that. She’s 3 now and had no delays at all. Now both my boys were two or three a day well past the age of one. I will say one nap a day can sometimes be more exhausting for us mommy’s that’s for sure!!;)

    • I wish my daughter should still take 2 naps so to have more down time for myself lol. I am not sure where babies find their energy from!! How can they function so well with so little sleep for their age?!

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