Back to square one with sleep

My daughter is sick with runny nose and occasional coughs. She was sick for two weeks then recovered for a week and now sick for over a week again. To top it off she is teething with her top molar. Being unwell my daughter seeks more comfort from me when it is time for sleep. It means more feedings and more awake through out the night. It is tough work for us both constantly needing to get up to feed every 2 hours or so. We are moving backward with her sleep. She was able to fall asleep by herself while I stayed in cot with her, same with afternoon nap. Well, not anymore! My girl won’t go to sleep with my husband or my mum after she is sick. She has learnt to say “milk” so that is what she has been asking for when she wants to sleep. I tried denying at first but she cried hard. How can you say no to an unwell toddler twhomis seeking for comfort? Now I am back to feeding her to sleep both during day and night. Having typed this I am nervous as others will judge me, that I am not strong enough and not consistent with the way I get her to sleep. Sigh. 

It isn’t a good mind set to be when you are already exhausted with disruptive sleeps. Why would feeding to sleep be a bad thing? I found comfort in reading Kelly mom’s blog – Comfort nursing. Her words resonate with my thinking. I hope the link can bring some comfort to another devasted mum’s day. It sure helped me when I read through it today.


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