Baby sure is cheeky

I thought one night of declining to my daughter’s feeding demand did the trick. Wishful thinking! I fed her as usual and then she came over for cuddle. For a false sense of hope I thought she was going to fall asleep on me. She was very alert and talkative. At the time still hoping she would fall asleep like this. Time ticking by and my daughter eventually asked for milk again. I told her firmly she can have her feed when she wakes up in the morning (that’s a lie really, I am going to feed her when she wakes up whenever). My daughter cried as predicted but not as persistent as last night. After telling her no for the nth time she stopped. I gave her a cuddle and she vomitted a little over my shoulder. Poor baby! I felt bad causing her to be this stressed. What happened next amazed me though. She acted as though nothing had happened and back to normal. My daughter started hugging and chatting to me. She is 15 months so by chat I meant just talking gibberish with some proper words. The cry was really a way for her to get what she wants? I am not doing any mental damage by denying her demands right?? She fell asleep on me tonight and managed to do a 4hrs stretch. That is the longest we have for a month. I hope she will get back to longer first stretch like 5 to 6hrs. This incident taught me that we have to be tough sometimes as parents and set some ground rules. It will be difficult in the beginning but once over the hill it will be all a-ok. At least this is what I am telling myaelf. Hang in there!

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