Roesola (Rose rash)

My little one has a sudden high fever for the last three days and it wasn’t pleasant. She kept waking up at night and asking for feeds, water and to beep the thermometer. Apart from fever she acted normal. Now, she has a minor rash so possibly as my friend suggested, she might be having Rosesola. Luckily, the hard part is over now. Once the rash is out, that should be the end of it. Initially, I thought my little one was having teething fever since her top molar and canine breaking through.

One thing to be aware of is that the incubation period can be from 5 days to 15 days since the infection. It is highly contagious until the symptoms break (fever and/or rash); meaning you have no way of knowing until your little one has the sudden high fever. There is no treatment so just work on the temperature. If in doubt, always go visit the doc to be safe.

Just feel relax that this is over. My daughter just woke up, hope she settles  better tomorrow.