Crocheting again

I have picked up crocheting again, not that I have been seriously addicted but made a couple of amigurumi before. It calms me when I only focus on counting and making sure I got each stitch right. It is a slow process for me. Just the other night I spent over an hour to make something that shown in 6 mins on a YouTube video, although the video skips some of the processes it just shows I am a slow poke in this.

Today, I have found an excellent video for creating a heart for a beginner. The author went through it step by step and I managed to crochet my very first heart. Thinking to use this for a hair clip for my daughter or something. She is really into making hair clip lately, choosing the styles and I glue everything together.


For written instruction, you’ll need to sign in: Happy berry – how to crochet a heart

The same YouTube I’ve followed: Happy berry – YouTube

Anyway, here is my heart!

Crochet heart


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