Bad Grandpa

Finally, I have some time to to blog. 3 weeks ago, I went to Contagious Network’s Bad Grandpa movie preview with Richard. I have never watched any Jackass movie before and didn’t know they do life prank on people to get their reactions until I watched their trailer. I thought I’ll still give it a go hoping not much of the hand over mouth moment. The main story line is the 86 year-old Irving Zisman on a road trip with his 8 year old Grandson Billy to drop him off with his dad. Along the way, bringing audiences into scenes with hidden cameras.Pranks, pranks and more pranks!!

At the beginning of the film, what I’ve feared happened. “Omg, I can’t believe he did that!!” crossed my mind a lot while having hands on my head but few people laughed nonetheless. As the movie progressed,I found myself laughing more and more. Other people got warmed up toward the movie too I guess because the movie theatre was filled with laughter when they pull one of their pranks. I have to say their pranks were often cliche but very well executed. One thing I don’t understand is how they get permission to have a kid (Jackson Nicoll) staring in the movie. Everything in the movie is not exactly role model material. Anyhoo, I enjoyed the movie and got my laugh out of it.


Easy A movie review

Work has been so busy that I worked day and night. Finally I got the chance to sit down and write the review that’s been in my head for a month!

Last month, I attended an advanced screening of a new comedy, Easy A. It is a high school comedy where everything spawn from an ‘erotic’ lie overheard in the girl’s toilet. Olive (played by Emma Stone) used the rumour to her advantage to climb up the social ladder and to keep her reputation she turns it into a business. Marianne (played by Amanda Bynes) being a Christian activist tries to ‘reach out’ to her and Olive’s best friend has turned against her. Her parents, unlike ordinary parents, have brought a bit more to the movie. Easy A is a funny and enjoyable movie that I would recommend others to watch it.

It is out in cinema now so why not enjoy your weekend with a light hearted movie to unwind?