Sleep training day 84

Comparatively last night might be better than 3 nights ago because with second half of my daughter’s sleep she woke up every hour instead of 30mins or so. It was still tough though where I needed to feed her around midnight instead lasting till 1am for her first feed. Then another around 3.55am. Luckily the rest was able to walk and sing her back to sleep.

Today, her two naps are over an hour for both. She got easier to be put to cot after walked her to sleep. I do not want to relive the days where she cries everytime I put her to cot.

Tonight, it seems she needs to be up for 4hrs before bed. How fast they are growing!? I tried before 9pm, despite her tired signs she did not want to sleep. I tried 15mins later and she fell asleep. Is she tired enough to crash through the night yet? I know I am! This afternoon I do not want to wake up from my nap if it wasn’t time to make my daughter dinner. Tonight will be 4th night doing 2 feeds overnight. Please show me some improvement or else I am not sure why I am doing this.