Library books on the go

A few days ago, I’ve discovered you can download an app on to your mobile device and borrow e-books with your library account (you need a PIN, might need to contact your library to set up one). Got to thanks technology for making things convenient. Ok ok, to be fair, some people still prefer to have the physical book on hand and I do too sometimes. When I’m reading, it’s such an accomplishment to see the read section is getting thicker as I flipped through each page. I was so excited about this discovery, I dug through my junks to retrieve my library card. Honestly, I thought I would never use it again that’s why it’s hiding in a box. Unfortunately my account didn’t work and no way to recover the PIN. Richard offers to go to the library on weekends but I was so eager to start borrowing, I took a deep breath and called the library the very next day during break. The lady on the phone was very nice and got my account reactivated in seconds. So turn out my account was expired which wasn’t a surprise as the last time I used it was maybe 5 years ago? Anyhoo, I quickly got my tablet out and browse through the list of e-books. Initially I wanted to borrow the Mockyingjay so I could finish the hunger game series but it was checked out already. Oh, with e-book, they have limited available copies just like normal books in library. When the loan period of the book expired, it will automatically return and delete off your bookshelf. This way, you don’t need to worry about overdue books. Of course, after you finished reading you can manually return/delete the book to free up quota. For Whitehorse Manningham Library, you can check out maximum of 5 books  while Melbourne Library Service (City of Melbourne) allows 4 books at any one time. Haha, yes, in order to get access to wilder range of books, I’ve sign up to the City of Melbourne library too!

Ah, back to books browsing. I’ve picked a children fiction called Careful What You Wish For by Maureen McCarthy. A brief summary is Ruth (11 years old) is upset with her family because they don’t understand and care about her.  She is not getting along with her brothers, annoy with her parents’ hobbies/interests and live in what she considered to be a crappy house. The only person that cares and understands her is her beloved Aunt – Mary Ellen – who has recently passed away. Before that, Mary Ellen has given Ruth a special gift, Rodney the Rat. Turns out Rodney has special power and to guide Ruth to see what’s most important he has granted her with three chances to create her perfect family. If she stays in her new life more than a day then she will stay in that life forever. Of course, there is a million ways that things can go wrong. You’ll need to read the book to find out what happens to her 3 chances =P.

In my opinion, this book is quite suitable for young children. It teaches them to be grateful and to see beyond what’s display in front of them. I can’t say for everyone but I sure wish for things to change in my family when I was younger.   There were a lot of “If only …” =P. Oh well, no point dwelling on the past. I’m just happy I get to read more books without needing to set a foot out the door.